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Se01Ep03 The Conscious Creator’s Community Show – Understanding Trauma. The effects of trauma on our thoughts and emotions.

In Episode three of the Conscious Creators Community Show we are talking about Understanding Trauma. Understanding trauma and its effects on our thoughts and emotions is an incredibly important part of taking care of ourselves. Traumas can come in many forms, big and small, so it’s important to be able to recognize when we’re triggered by something that’s happened. Knowing what to do when we are triggered is key to managing the emotions that arise from traumas. There are different coping strategies that can be used, depending on the type of trauma experienced, and it’s a great idea to explore which ones work best for us.

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Guest Details

Beena Sidd


Collaborate, Facilitate, Enhance, and Contribute People who know their work and are already aware, but lack in constant positive energy flow and get distracted by loads of information, get overwhelmed by their own Moreness.


Syl Sabastian

Life-Coach and Author to Anyone who is very serious and Earnest about Life-Change and Self-Change.


Facebook Group:


Jennifer Burns

Certified Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Talk Therapist & Educator I specialize in the relief of stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, confidence issues and trauma.

I serve businesses and individuals virtually from all areas through Zoom who are seeking help with stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, confidence issues and trauma.




Sander Dammingh

Bodywork/Embodiment Practitioner Assist people in there process of self discovery/realization.

Everyone who is willing to work on themselves and are looking for assistance and guidance with the process.


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Ana Luisa Doria


I combine mindfulness and creative work to empowered myself and others. Anyone who desires to explore their creative energy in a fun, intentional way.


Joie Costa

Creator of The PresenceManifest Method Teacher/Mentor/ Practitioner Serving all who wish to become more Present and Free willed.


Rita Ask

Master of healing Energy Keeping space for people who want to heal and break free.

To be able to connect to their Soul and Christ consciousness. Activation of galactic DNA for rememberers of Creation and the secret from our ancient history.

I work with people who are already started the spiritual journey and have an inner understanding of Oneness, Light and Love. Teaching of Divine Christ Consciousness and Oneness. You will get tools to practice Self Mastery via Internet or retreats.

Jen Stover

neuroscience-based educator, neurophysical rehab specialist, personal growth strategist, pattern change practitioner and founder of the Human Infusion Project.

I provide simplified, affordable education in the areas of applied psychology, modern neuroscience and practical spirituality. I serve people who are ready to cultivate resilience and relational connection, as well as the therapeutic practitioners who support them.

Website: ;

Facebook page: ;


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John Couper

John Lord Couper Teacher, trainer, and consultant Offer a new direction in self-development programmes

Anyone eager to make the best of challenging conditions ThrivewithAdventure Facebook group

Jason Bishop

Transformational Life Coach Addictions/Compulsive Behaviours/Trauma/Chronic Stress/Anxiety/Depression/Health.


Facebook Profile:


Other Guests

  • Gabe Rivera
  • Priscilla Pasimio

Host Details

Matthew Love

Host of the Conscious Creators Community Show, Online Community & Internet Marketing Coach & Consultant.

I guide conscious entrepreneurs to establish and grow their business using the internet.



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